September 8, 2017

September 8, 2017

Acts 10:1-8


This passage is huge. It is huge because as we see, Peter’s heart slowly changing to look at an “unclean” man and live with him, we transition to a man outside the people of God.


Cornelius was a Gentile. Gentiles were outside of God’s covenant. He didn’t speak to them before, and he definitely didn’t give them a calling. In this case, however, God calls on a Gentile to send his servants after Peter. A Gentile man was being called by God to be part of the plans of God. This was a first time ever, huge thing.


Sometimes we count people out. We see their background, their history, their struggles and we wonder what they bring to the table. Sometimes we look at our own lives and think that we can’t get be a part of God’s work. People thought this about the Gentiles. They would have never thought of Cornelius as someone who would be part of what God was doing, and yet he was.


Don’t wait until you feel like you’re worthy to be a part of what God is doing. None of us are worthy, but all of us who know Jesus are called, where we are, to be a part of God’s story. The big question is, how are you involved in what God is doing? How are you helping others get involved? Do you see everyone, including yourself, as part of God’s plan?


You were meant for something more. Don’t let unreasonable expectations keep you from it.