September 7, 2017

September 7, 2017

Acts 9:36-43


The writer of the book of Acts has a funny way of putting things in the stories to show subtle changes in the people he was around. This story is another example of the gifting given to the apostles and the people are believing because of it, but at the very end of this story is a small comment that shows a little change in Peter. He was staying with a tanner.


In Jewish culture, this was a dirty profession and the people who did it were unclean. You had to stay away from those kinds of people because they would make you unclean. Jesus had taught them that those rules of purity and sacrifice were completed in his death on the cross, so Peter was living with someone he would have avoided before.


The Gospel changes the way we look at people. We don’t see race, social class, or profession anymore. We don’t define people by their religion, their education, or their manners. We simply see someone who God loves and wants a relationship with. We see someone who Jesus died for on the cross. We see someone who matters and is loved.


Has your perspective on people changed?