September 6, 2018

September 6, 2018

We love others.


Often we place the responsibility for entertainment, joy, happiness, and satisfaction on the people around us. We expect others to make us smile and we burden them will the responsibility of helping us feel whole.


This is an all too common and unhealthy means of trying to find satisfaction. These relationships are doomed to fail because, in the end, we’re asking someone else to be for us what they never can be. It’s an impossible request we unfairly place on a relationship and an individual.

When we find our satisfaction in Christ, we no longer need to gain it from others. This truth frees others from the bondage and misery of feeling like they’ve not met our needs, like they’ve failed us, and lets them simply be accepted for who they are. Finding our satisfaction Christ allows us to stop looking at others as a means to gain something and allows us to start seeing them as an opportunity to give something.


Do you use others as a means to your own satisfaction?