September 6, 2017

September 6, 2017

Acts 9: 32-35


As Peter was traveling, he comes across a bedridden man and gives him his health back. What’s so great about this isn’t the miracle, but the response. People see the work of God and they believe because of it. They saw God doing something real, undeniable, and they had to respond.


We may not walk around healing people now. God still heals. But this gifting we see in Acts was one given specifically to the Apostles. We are still encouraged to pray, but we do not have some of the same giftings as they do, so how can we show the work of God? How can a normal person, no miraculous powers, help show people the work of God?


The greatest miracle you possess is a changed life. You have a changed heart, a changed mind, a new life, and the Holy Spirit inside of you to guide and direct. Your life is the miracle. Your story is the miracle. Your change is the miracle. We can argue philosophy all day and we’ll be hard pressed to “prove” God. My changed life to live as a follower of Jesus is something only the Holy Spirit can make happen. My sacrificial love is a miracle. My continued grace to those around me is a miracle. My dedication to following Jesus is a miracle. And it’s one that will cause people to see how real God is.


We’ve all got a miracle to show the world. Our miracle is our new life. Have you been living your new life? Have you given up yourself to follow hard after Jesus? Would the way you live out your faith cause others to see and believe?