September 5, 2018

September 5, 2018

We love the church.


I’m a nerd. I know this. Star Wars, Tolkien, and Legos are some of my favorites. So when I get around someone else and they start talking about one of the things I love I can’t help but jump in and appreciate. These things have touched my life, heart, or wonderous sense of adventure in some way so I enjoy sharing that with someone else.


The Bible talks about us having a unity with the church that can’t be explained. We have, through Christ’s death and atonement for us, been given such a great uniting bond with others, the outside world doesn’t understand it. People from different backgrounds, different cultures, different races, and different economic classes can come together in communities like ours. We have unity.


That’s why we love to worship together. Sure the music is good, but if it were terrible that wouldn’t keep me from wanting to celebrate who God is with others that have also encountered and been satisfied by this love. I want to be around people who share this amazing love.


Do you love the church? With all her flaws, brokenness, and issues, do you love being with people who have truly experienced grace?