September 4, 2018

September 4, 2018

A deeper love for God’s word.


When you love something and it satisfies you, you want to know all about it. There is a passion for it. There is a desire to more acquainted with it. When we find ourselves satisfied in Christ, we begin to deeply love his word.


God’s word is this beautiful gift to handle and address any struggle we may face (2 Timothy 3:16). It directs us, it informs us, it points us towards the hope and life we have in our Savior. If the Holy Spirit’s job is to convict of things concerning Christ (John 14:25-26), then the scripture is the kindling to the fire that roars inside us.


The greatest reason we say we can’t know our Bible is “I’m not a reader.” Yet a starving man would never turn down food, even if it wasn’t his preference. No, instead, because his knows of its nourishment, the good it does for his body, and the life it brings, he would dive in no matter his preference. So we, believers having experienced the death of sin and its seemingly endless torture, have tasted the life that scripture brings and whether we like to read or not we know its pages contain truth. So we dive in.


Satisfaction in Christ creates such a deep love for his word, that we can’t help but make it part of our life.