September 27, 2017

September 27, 2017

Acts 14:24- 28


Paul and Barnabas headed back to Antioch. This was huge for them. They knew people there. They loved that church. They had been on a crazy journey but they were excited to get together with the church they loved.


Everyone got together. They broke bread together. They laughed, told old stories. Paul, I’m sure, met some of the new believers that had decided to follow Jesus since they had left. He was finally home. And here he shared the great things that God had been doing.


There is something special about the church. There is something beautiful about a place where your friends, family, the people you’ve grown with and the people you’ve suffered with come together. It’s in that place you feel the most at home. It’s in that place you want to share the struggles and the victories. It’s there that you want to be.


Paul spent the majority of his faith life traveling. He always came home though. He always goes back to Antioch, to this church, to this group of people, to share, and love, and cry, and rejoice. It’s where he felt at home. Your church should be a place where you want to go and long to be. Not the location, but the people, should be a comfort.


Here is what this means. If it’s not, you need to change something. Try changing your behavior. Most people just try changing churches, but first, try and figure out if you could be doing something different. Involved more, connected better, trying harder. Try to be the best part of your church, the most involved, the most outspoken, attend everything, volunteer. Really try to see if there is something you’ve missed. And if it still doesn’t feel like home, it might be time to move on. There should be someone though, who you want to share with. You should have people you’re excited about being around and living the gospel with.