September 25, 2017

September 25, 2017

Acts 14:1-19


When God calls you to do something, you do it. Even when it hurts.


Right after they got kicked out of one city they moved on and did it again. But guess what…… it happened again. A number of people believe but a number of them were very angry. So, the two did it all over again. They preached. People followed Jesus. They raised up leaders. The leaders in the city tried to stop it. Paul and Barnabas were facing death so they had to up and leave.


It happened another 2 times. They left this city and started a church and people were seeing life change. Paul and Barnabas had to leave. They went to another city, and the people heard about it, and some believed while others didn’t and Paul found himself again having started another church, leading more people to follow Jesus, and now was facing persecution again.


Sometimes bad things happen. Sometimes they happen a lot. Would your faith survive this? Would your faith make you continue? Paul knew how great Jesus was. He knew there was no choice but to follow. So he did. Seeing people know Jesus was better than any of the terrible things he faced. That’s just how important it was.


How important is your faith to you? How important is leading others to Chirst in your life? Would you sacrifice to lead other to know him?