September 21, 2017

September 21, 2017

Acts 13:4-12


Among an awesome story about God stopping a false teacher and leading others to himself by miraculous work, we see that Saul is now referred to as Paul.


The name change is rumored for many reasons but the most simple one is that now that Paul was in Gentile territory he stopped using his Jewish name and started using his Roman one. This was a common thing and nothing anyone would have thought twice about.


It’s important though because it shows an intentional action by Paul. He wanted to connect with the people he was around. He did whatever it took to be close and get to know people. He learned their culture, came to their houses, even went by his Roman name if it meant someone would come to know Jesus.


Do you connect with the people around you? Do you connect or do you hide? Do you take the light of the gospel out into the world or do you simply keep a distance? Paul did whatever it took outside of immorality to help others know Jesus. It was his most important mission.

What do you do to help connect with the people around you? What actions do you take to intentionally lead others to Jesus?