September 19, 2017

September 19, 2017

Acts 12: 20-25

Herod was a terrible man. He went against God and refused to repent after hearing the gospel on many occasions. He had killed members of the church. Persecuted believers relentlessly. So we see here that God decided to stop his persecution and attacks on the church. He ends Herod’s life.

Now some people believe it was a literal drop-dead event. Others believe that God simply allowed natural causes to end his life. Either way, Herod was known in religious and in secular history as a terrible person. He did horrible things. And finally, justice had been done.

So when we see Herod removed from power, we see also that the church begins to grow. People are being saved and Paul, Barnabas, and this new guy name Mark head back to Antioch. However, while they are there, Paul and Barnabas feel God calling them to something else. They felt led to something new.

It’s easy to stay where you’re comfortable. It’s common to want things to be the same. No one likes things to change when they’re good, but sometimes they have to. Sometimes, what you have is great, but what God is bringing is greater. You may like what you are in right now, but maybe God has something different.

Paul and Barnabas were part of an amazing church. They could have easily wanted to stay there. They did not though. They listened to God. They followed his leading.