September 18, 2017

September 18, 2017

Acts 12:6-19


Peter was in Prison and he was facing death. This is the point when it would probably be okay to get a little disappointed. It might be okay to think it was over. In a Roman prison, multiple guards on duty to watch your every move. No way to escape. On trial under the judgment of a man known for killing believers just for believing. This looks like the end.


Then an angel shows up. Then the unthinkable happens. Then Peter is freed by the miraculous hand of God in a way no one expected or thought would happen. Yet it happened. When everything seemed lost and when nothing seemed possible God was capable.


You might be facing something crazy. You might be in a dark place and struggling with something very real. You may see no way forward and no way through and it may even look like everything is lost, but God is always capable.


What are you facing right now? Do you trust God to make a way? Do you trust that there is a plan?