September 13, 2018

September 13, 2018

Grace pulls you out of your mess.


Jesus told the woman, caught in adultery, that he didn’t condemn her. However, after dumping grace on her, he then gives her the final words of “Go and sin no longer.”


He gave her the grace and mercy she needed but he then set her on a different path.


We cheapen grace when we use it to wallow in sin. We cheapen grace when it becomes a hall pass and not a lifeline out of the mess we’ve found ourselves in. We cheapen God’s grace when we don’t use it as an opportunity to make things right, but instead, take advantage of it as if we’ve buried our sin. He forgives us, but he forgives us so that we can get up, walk away, and sin no more. Not so we can jump back  into the mess he saved us from.


Do you cheapen God’s grace or use as a lifeline to health and healing?