September 12, 2017

September 12, 2017

Acts 10:44-48


Just as big as God speaking and using Gentiles, we see another amazing miracle of God take place in the early growth of the church.


The Holy Spirit, God himself, falls on these Gentiles who have accepted Jesus the same way he fell on the apostles. He comes to them and empowers them to supernatural things for a time to testify of the truth of God.


In the Bible, miracles are rare.  We don’t tend to think so because in this one book we see so many. However, when we do this we have to take into consideration that there are thousands of years here. There are so many miracles but not when you look at the time span. They aren’t that often. They come as the exception to the rule, the rare, outside the normal, supernatural things that happen. We tend to cheapen the biblical word miracle by saying smaller things are miracles. A single mom is an inspiration, but not a miracle. I say this, not to cheapen the single mother, but to make sure we understand miracles. The single mother is amazing, and unique and powerful and special, but it’s not supernatural. Miracles are though.


Miracles had a purpose too. Miracles were used to be a testimony of God’s truth. So as prophets spoke for God they were given the ability to perform miracles. The apostles were given the ability to do miracles to usher in the new covenant of God. Miracles come to present God’s truth and validate it. When God moves and does something, it’s so his truth can be known.


In the story here, the Holy Spirit coming to Gentiles was to solidify that anyone, Jewish or not, could know, love, and follow Jesus. This truth was validated because of the work of God. In our own life the gospel is the truth. The work of the holy spirit in our life is the miracle of God that testifies to it. The work of God in us as we become more like him is the testimony of it. The supernatural love we should be showing to one another as we try to follow Christ and fulfill the commission is the testimony of the truth of the gospel.  


Your life should be the testimony of God’s truth. Your changed life should validate and lend credibility to the gospel. Does it?