September 11, 2017

September 11, 2017

Acts 10:9-43


When we read this passage we see a man who was told by God to go get this guy named Peter. Then, we see this guy Peter who had this vision and God tells him to go with the guys and see what this is all about. He gets there, and when he does God has a group full of people looking, ready and eager to hear the gospel. Peter didn’t pass out flyers, he didn’t send invites, he didn’t prepare for this occasion, it just happened. He was ready to preach, but he had not prepared this at all.


There are two things we can walk away with from this story. First, you have to see that God didn’t need Peter to get a bunch of people together and make them listen. He didn’t use Peter to build this. God was so great, he was already working on this well before Peter met Cornelius, well before the trip was made, and even before the vision was given to Peter. God did this. Peter was smart enough to go along for the ride.


Sometimes we have to be willing to listen to God, do something that doesn’t make sense, and go where God is telling us to go. So, where are you going? Are you listening? Are you trusting God and listening to his promptings? Or are you trying to force it to happen? Are you making conversation and not listening to God? On the flip side are you avoiding the conversation and ignoring God’s prompting? God is doing something, you can be a part or not.


Second, we see that Peter was called on to talk about Jesus. He didn’t tell them give me 5 and I’ll come back with a good lesson. He didn’t give them an invite card to a weekly church meeting. He starts talking about Jesus. He shares his heart. He’s honest about what God is doing in Him and how he is changing thanks to the work and guidance of the Holy Spirit.


If someone were to come to you tonight and ask about Jesus, would you have something to say? Would you answer be scripted? Would you have a churchy rehearsed response? Would it be the same answer as last time? Would there be an answer at all? Would you dodge the subject? Or would you have something real to say? Would the work of God in your life just roll off your tongue because it’s so real and so prevalent?


God did not need Peter to make this happen. God did it, not Peter. Peter just had to be ready. His heart had to be in the right place so when God called on him he would be able to move forward.


If God called on you today, would you be ready? God is working, are you trying to work with him?