September 10, 2018

September 10, 2018

This week we’ll be looking more into what it means for Jesus to be the light of the world and how that can truly affect our faith.


Knowing your true North.


It’s important to know where you can go to get the truth. Our culture has allowed truth to be so convoluted by alternate facts, fake news, confusing philosophies, and hand plucked worldviews that knowing where to go for something real and honest can be hard.


Knowing Jesus is the light of the world should encourage you and I that in the midst of everything we face we know what to turn towards. In our darkest hour, and in our most troubling of circumstances, He is a light shining through to give us direction, truth, and hope.  God is the true North that we so desperately need in the midst of our struggles.


Do you know your true North?