September 1, 2017

September 1, 2017


Acts 9:19-22


One of the hardest things to do is start following Jesus where you’ve maybe made a habit of not doing so. It’s hard to go to the place where your mouth has been foul and start to clean it up. It’s hard to go back to the guys you used to do things with and not join in with the crowd. It’s hard to take those first few steps of obedience after so many steps in disobedience.


I find comfort in the fact that Saul was able to go to the very temple he was planning to come and search for believers at and confess his own belief. It took courage, humility, and faithfulness to stand up there in the room full of people and say you were wrong.


There is something freeing about this, though. There is something important and powerful about the moment you stop pretending and start admitting that you were wrong. There is something so freeing in the moment you decide that there is no need to cover, no need to pretend, but simply admit the truth and start to live it.


Saul stood up where he had been a leading voice against the church and now spoke boldly about just how wrong he was about it. He knew it was the way, and they needed to know as well. Have you spoken out about your faith? Have you made the point to be vocal about your faith? Not to be annoying, not to be overbearing, but to use your story, your life change, and your circumstances to talk about what the gospel has done for you?