Pastor Search Update

Pastor Search Update

These next two weeks will be very exciting and we wanted to fill you in on what’s going on and how you can pray for the search committee and Origins as a whole.  In our search for lead pastor, the search committee has selected five candidates that have passed the initial screening phase of the search and have moved on to the personal interview phase.  The initial phase included reviewing resumes, past sermons and questionnaire results of over 30+ candidates.  These upcoming phone/video interviews will be approximately an hour long and will allow the search committee to interact with each candidate.

If the search committee agrees and a candidate passes this phase of the search , they will proceed to a formal on-site interview that will be conducted by the search committee and staff.

After the on-site interview and the candidate(s) that will continue in the process are selected, the search committee will provide further details on how the final candidate will be selected by the Origins members.

Please continue to pray regularly for Origins and specifically over the next two weeks for wisdom, guidance and unity as we continue down the path of selecting our next lead pastor.

If you have further questions regarding our search for the lead pastor, please email us at ThePursuit@OriginsChurch.TV


June 29, 2018