October 5, 2017

October 5, 2017

Acts 16:11-15


Paul felt God pulling him to go to this place so they all do. They make it out there and realize there was no synagogue of Jewish believers. That’s where Paul would normally go when he traveled. He would find a synagogue, tell everyone about Jesus, and work from there. Well, this place had no synagogue so he found the next best thing, a group of women praying outside the city.


Sometimes God’s plan doesn’t look like we want it to look. Sometimes we expect a building full of people and we get a small circle of women. Sometimes we want victory and God gives us suffering. Sometimes we want joy and yet we find trials. Sometimes God’s plan isn’t exactly what we want, or isn’t anything like what we wanted at all.


So what do you do? Some people take their ball and go home. They just give up. Others complain. They focus on the bad and let that cripple them. Some get angry. In the heat of emotions and frustration, they make poor choices. Paul decided to be diligent. He didn’t get a building full of people waiting to hear about Jesus. He got a few women praying. Only one who really listened.


We must be diligent no matter what our circumstances are. We must fight to follow Jesus no matter how we feel. We must push to be more like him in every stage and place of life. We cannot waver. Paul saw these women and he talked to them, and one heard him and was baptized and she then went and got her whole family. All of them were baptized. It was a beautiful moment. One that never would have happened if Paul had not been diligent when the plan didn’t look like he wanted.


Are you diligent? Do you press to follow Jesus in every circumstance? Are you truly a disciple?