October 31, 2017

October 31, 2017

Acts 21:28- 22:21


Paul’s greatest gift wasn’t a logical idea, it wasn’t scripture of how they would know God, it was simply his story.


Paul asked to address his accusers and when he did he went through the way God worked in his life. I told how God had stopped him and given him a call to go out to the entire world. He fell back on the one thing that no one could argue, no one could try to “reason” away. He told them his story.


You may meet critics. You probably will meet critics. The truth is you’ll never have an airtight, no response answer for them. If you poke at anything long enough you can find something. And critics will. Creation, justice, miracles, scriptural inerrancy, there is always another debate. Don’t give them a debate, give them your story. Tell them, and show them, how God works in your life. Let them see the results of a person who lives with the Holy Spirit in their life.


Don’t put all your effort into trying to explain your faith. It’s good to know why you believe what you believe (you really should know this stuff if you don’t) but don’t let that be the thing you feel has the most power into someone’s life. Your story carries so much more weight than any debate ever will.


The big question of the day then – does your life point people to Jesus?