October 3, 2017

October 3, 2017

Acts 16: 1- 5


So right after Paul wins a huge victory claiming that no one would ever have to be circumcised again for their faith, he meets a young boy who isn’t circumcised and before they travel to a new city to share the gospel and Paul makes Timothy get circumcised.


That’s right. You read it right. He made poor Timothy go through that. Yet he didn’t do it for the reason all the others were. They were doing it so they could be closer to God, Paul made Timothy do it so it wouldn’t keep others away from God.


There is a level of maturity that comes with giving up your freedom for others. Paul and Timothy knew that him being uncircumcised would build walls between Jewish men and women who needed to hear the gospel and so even though Timothy did not have to do this at all for HIS relationship with Jesus, he decided to surrender his freedom for other. He realized he would do this for THEIR relationship with God.


What are you willing to sacrifice that others might know Jesus? What have you given up or surrendered so that a neighbor, a friend, a stranger, might have the gospel? Would you sacrifice something you CAN do for the greater good of helping others know Jesus?