October 27, 2017

October 27, 2017


Acts 21:17-26


The same struggles with the same people. Paul was reaching the lost and teaching people about Jesus and some of the Jewish men and women heard about it and had issues. Paul wasn’t teaching them about Moses. He wasn’t making them observe the law. They were angry. So the apostles there tell Paul to shave his head, follow the rules, and appease the people who have these charges against him. So he does.


This isn’t like Paul. This is the guy who ended a friendship over travel plans. This is the guy who got stoned by government officials and walked back in because he wasn’t done preaching. This is the guy who called out Peter for being a hypocrite. This is stubborn thick-headed, tell you that you’re stupid and explain why Paul. How could he just back down? Why would he do this?


The mission was more important. It’s a common theme. Rather than win and get his way, Paul decides to submit his freedom to further the gospel. People leave churches, ministries and more over the dumbest things. They don’t have what I want. I don’t like this about them. I think they should. I think they shouldn’t. I wish we could. I don’t know why we whatever. It’s usually (not always) but usually petty and flies in the face of the examples left by Jesus and the early church leaders. We give us our freedoms for the greater good. The mission is more important.


What molehill have you turned into a mountain at the cost of the gospel? Do you truly believe the mission is more important?