October 20, 2017

October 20, 2017

Acts 19: 21 -41


Ulterior motives are an ugly thing. In this story, one city goes into a riot because a few guys who made money off the temple saw business going down. They sold statues of the gods and goddesses and when they realized people weren’t buying they blamed Paul. Paul had brought down their business by telling people the statues they prayed to couldn’t be gods because they were made by human hands. They were furious at Paul and at all those in “the way” and caused a great riot over it. They took over the city theater, brought in hostages, tempted Paul to meet them there, and yelled for hours. The crowd gathered; some didn’t even know why. They were all angry though.  Until one man spoke reason to them. He calmed and settled what could have been an even worse situation.


This whole thing started because a handful of people had bad attitudes and ulterior motives. They could have caused a great deal more trouble if it weren’t for some wise men in the crowd.


Check your heart today. Watch yourself. Do you do things with a hidden agenda? Are you motivated by a selfish heart? Do you take on the “cause of the gods” but really only care about your pocketbook? These men did. They faked a more “noble” cause to hide the selfishness and evil in their own hearts.


What do you stand up for? Are you standing for the right reasons?