October 17, 2017

October 17, 2017

Acts 18: 24-28


This is such a random but beautifully placed passage. In the middle of Paul’s story, we see this random note about Apollos.


He was not a convert of Paul. He didn’t even know Paul. But Paul’s work made a difference in his life. He was teaching and preaching about John the Baptist still. A few of Paul’s disciples saw him, talked to him about Jesus, and he started preaching and teaching about Jesus as well. He was bold, and smart, and wouldn’t back down.


Paul never met this man. But it would not have happened without Paul’s ministry.


You never know how far your actions will reach. You never know who will be affected and influenced in ways you may never hear of or never know about. That’s why we must be careful not to waste any moment. That’s why we must be in tune with God’s voice in our life so we can seize the moments he gives us. We’ve got to be intentional about the way we live.


Are you intentional about the gospel? You never know how far your actions can reach. Be smart, be intentional, use your time gifts, talents, and life to make a ripple in the world around you.