October 16, 2017

October 16, 2017

Acts 18:1-17


Paul moved on to Corinth. There he spent a year being reviled. Despised. Hated. And eventually beaten. He did the work God had called him to do. He taught people. He taught others the things Jesus had commanded.


The whole story here is about Paul going on trial, the Jews accusing him, the city’s leaders refusing to hear the case, and letting Paul be beaten at the hands of the Jewish leaders for preaching Jesus.


The huge lesson here is sometimes for the sake of the gospel we suffer injustice. We go through things that are not fair. We give up privileges for the sake of the gospel. We suffer.


Paul suffered. A lot. This was nothing new for him. But he did stay in the city for a long time just to make sure that those who believed had a stable foundation. He suffered in a city that hated him to make sure the people who needed to know Jesus and learn to follow him had the opportunity.


What have you suffered for your faith?