October 12, 2017

October 12, 2017

Acts 17: 16-21


Paul goes into the city here and tries to teach them, but he is met with nothing but cynics. They call him a babbler, or someone who pecks at the truth. They hear his simple message and because it’s not elegant or sophisticated, they think he is dumb.


Sometimes people won’t hear the truth. Not because it is wrong, but simply because it’s not what they want.


Two very real truths here:

  1. Paul kept sharing anyways. He wasn’t called to make people hear, simple to speak and do his best. He sat down with leaders in the city and tried to explain the gospel to them.
  2. Sometimes we ignore the truth because we want something else. We want something easier, something better, something more self-indulgent, or something more in line with our ideas. So we just ignore it.

The gospel calls us out of this way of thinking. It drives us to live in the truth and to seek it. It beckons us to not only know the truth for ourselves but to continue trying to reach it to others.


Do you seek truth? Or simply look to verify your own ideas? Do you take that truth to others? Even when it doesn’t seem like they will listen? Our mission is to share the gospel. No clauses. Just share the gospel.