October 11, 2017

October 11, 2017

Acts 17:10-15


After the drama in city after city, Paul and Silas meet an amazing group of people. The Bereans are called a more “noble” people than some others they had met and it was because of their love for the scripture.


Instead of getting mad and fighting and complaining and doing like every other synagogue they had entered, these men heard Paul and Silas and they checked everything they said against the scriptures. They dig into the text of the Torah. They scoured over the words of the prophets. They looked through the histories of Israel to see if the things they were hearing were true. And they were.


When it comes to the truth you’re being sold every day who do you listen to. When you get advice, or hear a catchy phrase, or decide to adopt a philosophy, are you searching the scripture to see if they’re true? When you read a new author do you check the Bible against what he or she says? Do you search the text of the Bible to see what God has to say?


These men did. And after realizing the truth of the gospel, many of them believed. A church was started there. Luke reminds us that here, too, many of the women in leadership believed as well. Eventually, their reputation caught up with them and people from other cities came and caused problems and Paul and Silas have to leave.


How do you handle your truth though? Really though… do you ever study the scriptures? Are you hungry for God’s word in your life? Are the truths it holds written on your heart, stored in it? To know how to follow God doesn’t it make sense to cling to, love, and cherish his word? Should we as followers and disciples not want to know and have and live out the words he gave us? Take some time today. Be intentional and study his word.