October 10, 2017

October 10, 2017

Acts 17:1-9


After Paul has this beautiful moment where a man is saved, then his whole family as well, and he cares for Paul and Silas both out of gratitude, the men journey on to Thessalonica. Once there, they do as they had always done and teach, preach, and speak to the Jewish synagogue for 3 weeks. They reason from the scriptures and many hear about it. Jewish families believe. Greek leaders believe. And I love how the author includes that some of the women in leadership heard this and believed. The gospel was spreading everywhere. This obviously made people upset. A crowd of religious leaders and criminals get together and cause a major problem for the early church.


Jason, a man who lived there and took in Paul found a crowd of men and women outside his house banging on the door and looking for Paul. Paul was not there to answer these critiques but Jason was and they knew it. Jason along with some of the other believers who were near are drug before the city authorities on trial for helping the men who now had a reputation for “turning the world upside down”


The men are charged with the crime, made to pay off fines, and sent on their way.


How would you handle this? What if your faith put you on trial and you were fined for believing? What if the very thing you knew God was calling you to do was uncomfortable, scary, maybe even illegal?


Would your faith withstand? Would you speak boldly? Would you press forward or would the financial tole be enough to silence you?