November 8, 2017

November 8, 2017

Acts 25:13 – 26:32


It’s a huge text to tackle, I know, but it’s beautiful. Paul was finally able to speak his peace, make his claim, and share about his innocence to someone who could do something about it. Paul tells of the drama he was brought there for, declares his innocence, and then he just keeps talking. He tells them about his conversion. He tells them about the things Jesus asked him to do. He shares his faith and his struggle and at the end, he tells the King that he too can know Jesus. The king asks Paul if he is really trying to make him a Christian too and Paul sarcastically responds. He tells him that he wished everyone one was just like him, a believer and follower of Jesus, but maybe not in chains and prison.


The final judgment of Agrippa is that Paul did not need to be in prison. He says that he should have been released a long time ago because he didn’t really do anything worth his current accusations.


Here is what’s crazy about this story and Paul’s dedication. In the middle of his moment to make his claims for innocence, he stops to try and convert the judge. He didn’t make a detailed argument, beg for mercy, or try to convince them he was innocent. He was far too worried about the king’s eternity. So he tried to tell him about Jesus.


This could have backfired. They could have gotten mad and made a different decision. This could have painted him as a zealot. This was, by most standards, a poor decision. It wasn’t for Paul though. He knew what was most important. As a follower of Jesus, the mission was most important. As a follower of Jesus when Paul realized attention was on him he couldn’t selfishly use it for himself. He used this audience as an opportunity to try and tell people who Jesus was and the hope they could have.


How fervently do you share your faith? Does that part of your life seem like more of a burden? Do you live every moment to see how God may be glorified or are you too busy making your own case?