December 5, 2018

December 5, 2018

Intentional in generosity.


Are you intentional about being generous? Do you plan for it? Do you make space in your budget to give to others? Or do you just think it happens when it happens?


Imagine if you did that with your other life expenses for a moment. Imagine you ignore your budget this month and just buy what you want when you want and as rent comes due you no longer have the money to pay. You’d think it was crazy. However when it comes to our generosity we hope we have enough. We hope there is room and we don’t make any plans.


Real generosity isn’t spontaneous but instead it’s planned. It’s a decision made long before an opportunity presents itself. It’s deciding that we won’t just use up everything God has blessed us with, instead we’ll reserve some to be generous.


Are you planning to be generous?