December 4, 2018

December 4, 2018

Generous with strangers


How are you in the car? It says a great deal about your temperament toward people. Do you cut them off, blast your horn, scream and yell? Or are you gracious?


How do you treat your waiter or waitress? Are you kind, forgiving, and pleasant? Or do you treat them like the help? Is it “their job” so it doesn’t matter how much of a mess you make or how many trips you send them on? It’s their job.


It’s easy to be generous with people you know. There is reward in that. There is a benefit to it. How do you treat the person you may never see again? How do you treat the person who you never have to deal with after tonight? Are you generous with those who may never have an opportunity to repay your generosity?  


Lots of people are generous at church. They give freely to friends and family. They even go out of their way to be generous to smaller people in their lives at work and down the street. However, they’re complete jerks to people who are simply in their lives for a moment.


How do you treat the strangers in your life? Does the generosity God has give us just overflow to every person you come in contact with or just those who can repay it?