November 27, 2017

November 27, 2017

Over the next few weeks, we’ll spend time looking at the Psalms. These chapters are prayers and songs from God’s people as they too struggle to follow and learn his will for them.


Psalm 1:


This psalm paints a picture of two different men who live their lives by two different standards. One of those men lived by God’s instruction and the other by the counsel of the world around him.


This is a constant topic in the Bible because we live this struggle every day. As people called to live for a kingdom we do not yet know, it’s easy to fall into the philosophies, values, and priorities of this world we know. It’s easy to fall back into our trained way of thinking. It’s easy to see others living a certain way and want to emulate that. Yet, we have this tension to do things differently, as we read scripture.


The difference between the two kinds of people mentioned in this text is actually pretty clear. One of them listened to what God said about their life, the other listened to what everyone else said.


Who do you listen to? Where does your truth come from?