November 24, 2017

November 24, 2017



More important than the things we do is the person we do it for. More important than how achieved we are is how faithful we are. More important than my deeds is my savior.


We exist here to bring people into a relationship with Jesus. We want others to know him and learn to passionately follow him. We want this because we ourselves passionately follow him. We know the faith, hope, and love that he adds to our lives and we want that for others.


This all comes from the time we spend with him. We pray, we study, we fast, and praise him. We lament in our struggles and mourn in our losses. We share our day with him, and allow him to direct our steps. It is this relationship that we find the strength and motivation to live out all the commands and prompting of our God. It is the power to the life we are called to live.


Do you spend time recharging and redirecting with God?