November 23, 2017

November 23, 2017



We believe the Bible teaches us that everything we have is a gift from God. We get everything from him, and so we give back.


In the Old Testament, the standard giving was a tenth. However, in the New Testament this was never restated. In others words, the standard in the New Testament after Jesus had clearly changed.


Some people will say that this means we can give less of what God has given us and feel okay about it. I would argue differently. The early church showed believers that gave anything that they had in abundance to help those around them. They didn’t give into poverty, but instead considered everything they owned to belong to Jesus. So, in turn, any time there was a need among them, or they saw people hurting and struggling, they would give some of what they had away. They gave above and beyond. They did so joyfully.


The reason we give back is because we show God we trust him and that we appreciate everything he has already given us. The reason we give to Origins is because we know that the work our community does, the things we participate in, the mission we give ourselves to is worth it. So we give from a generous heart and give joyfully knowing that we are contributing to something greater.