November 10, 2017

November 10, 2017


Acts 28: 1-31


Here is how the whole thing ends. And it is huge. God was faithful. Paul made it to Rome. He preached. He was there two years teaching, preaching, and sharing the gospel. Just as God said would happen.


The Bible is full of examples like this. God makes a promise. Circumstances make the promise seem impossible. God’s faithfulness prevails in ways we could not imagine. He does what he says he would do and the kingdom is moved forward because of it. Paul didn’t know how it would happen, but he knew it would. And he trusted until the very end.


That’s the difference between someone who gets saved and someone who follows Jesus. If you remember, that’s where we started this whole thing weeks ago. The difference between a decision about Jesus and a life lived for Jesus is the difference between a faith the accommodates your life and a faith that changes it. It’s the difference between following as long as it makes sense and following being the only thing that makes sense.  A life spent following Jesus is a life that will look very much like his life. It’s a life that goes places we never imagined (good and bad) but a life assured in the promise of what’s to come.


Today you have to decide. Have you made a choice or has your life been changed? The church was able to turn the world upside down because it was filled with people whose lives had been turned upside down by the love, grace, and hope that came from new life in Christ. Let me ask again. Has your life been changed?