May 4, 2017

May 4, 2017


Thursday 1 John 3:4-10


My work recently switched locations. We moved from one side of town to the other and while it is about the same distance for me, it is in completely opposite directions. So obviously the first few weeks there were many times I found myself getting in the wrong lane while driving and trying to go up towards our old location instead of down the hill towards our new one. I felt like an idiot every time I had to make the turn around in someone’s driveway because like an idiot, I caught myself going to the old location. We had a new destination and it made no sense to keep going the old way.


After John gives us the hope of an eternity with Jesus made pure by our faith in him and his sacrifice, he returns to the conversation about living in sin and walking with God. “No one who abides in him keeps on sinning.” There is a change. Not only has your status with God changed but something bigger. Yes, you’re saved, forgiven, and loved but your destination has changed. Before, my goal was my current joy. Now it’s an eternal one. Before I had an entirely different set of instruction and direction, but my new standing with God and my new destination of an eternity with him changes the way that I live.


The same way my morning commute had to change, my life has to change as well. When I come into the light and decide to accept what Jesus as for me, my destination changes. The things that used to seem important, seem less important. Some things that seemed crazy before seem more realistic now. My standing with God and my life’s direction has changed, so it doesn’t make sense to keep going the same old way I was before.


It’s evident then, according to John, “who are the children of the God” because when that becomes a part of your life, EVERYTHING changes.


What has changed in your life? Take some honest time today and evaluate. Is there anything? Have you been given a new direction only to keep driving the same way you have always gone?

May 3, 2017