May 31, 2018

May 31, 2018

Serving revitalizes us.

There is something encouraging and revitalizing about serving. When we decide to not spend, use, or pour into ourselves but instead take the afternoon to invest in someone else we find that our faith and walk are given a shot of life into them. The heartbeat of our spiritual life goes faster as we give of ourselves for the sake of someone else. Giving time, money, an ear, a shoulder, or even a kind word becomes another pump of life into our faith.


If you feel like your faith is struggling, if maybe you’ve found yourself in a harder point of life, look for opportunities to serve. Not because it will fix our problem, not because we can win God’s favor and get what we want, but because it will pump the needed strength and encouragement into our faith to survive the storm.


What has serving done to your faith?

May 30, 2018