May 30, 2017

May 30, 2017

Colossians 2:1-5

Paul was driven by a mission, but what we see in these verses is that he encouraged the believers at Colossae to continue in that mission as well because in their absence of mission they had been tangled up in what he calls “plausible arguments.”

I’m amazed by this passage because two things become very clear from the delusion Paul says has gripped the Colossians. First, they were within the church. There were people in the church teaching and sharing things that were not in line with the message of Jesus. Some believe that is was agnosticism while others say we can’t know the exact doctrine, but either way, these were members of the church.

This is why we stay so close to the Bible here at Origins. We don’t want anyone to get in between the church and the truth so we do our best to pull every message and devotion from the Bible. Far too often we get caught up in the things “church people” splatter out, without ever checking to see if it’s really biblical.

The second thing we’ve got to notice is that the message that was being taught is called plausible. It’s stuff that sounds good and can make sense. We like the way it sounds, seems to follow some form of logic, but ultimately it was a delusion.

We are constantly bombarded with messages from seemingly reasonable sources that look and sound plausible. Are they really though? Paul’s determining factor was whether or not that truth pushed you further towards the mission God had given us. Does this belief lead me more towards telling others about the gospel? Does it help me love others?

With so much wrong information in the world, this is why we must know the truth of the gospel. Do you know the truth? Have you given enough time and effort into knowing the truth of the gospel?

May 29, 2017