May 29, 2017

May 29, 2017

Colossians 1:24-29

Paul finishes telling us about the hope from the gospel that we have, the gospel he has been called to share, and he then turns to show us the labor he takes up.

“I rejoice in my suffering for your sake” – Paul was never shy about the struggle the gospel had caused him. Countless stories of Paul’s persecution took place throughout his faith journey, leading him to ultimately be killed because of the very gospel that had saved him. He wanted everyone to know, and everyone to experience, the same God that he had. He especially felt called to the Gentile people. The nations long neglected by the Jewish people as “others” truly burdened Paul’s heart and so he spent the majority of his adult life trying to reach them.

He would travel to new places. He would preach the gospel, no matter the results. He would start a church. Then he’d train up leaders. Finally he’d leave there to start all over again. He gave his life to this pursuit, often writing about wishing he could go back and visit some of the churches and people he had come to love, but knowing God willed him to be someplace else, reaching new people, sharing the good news.

Is there anything in your life that you care that much about? Let’s not talk about faith right this second, let’s just talk about life. Is there anything you’d selflessly give your life to make happen. Is there anything you devote your days towards? Is there anything that drives you every day in all your decisions?

Paul had something he was willing to trade in anything to obtain. He knew God had called him to be a part of the mission, and he would let nothing get in the way. The crazy part is, we’re all called to the same mission. We’re all called to go, reach the lost, share our faith, and love those around us. We summarize that here at Origins it’s as simple loving Jesus, each other, and those around us. We’ve got a mission we’ve been given by a King who paid a very high price for our freedom. Are we doing anything with that?
What do you give your life to? What drives you? Is it worth it?

May 26, 2017