May 24, 2019

May 24, 2019

Judges 6:11-12

One of the most amazing things about Gideon is the way they approach him. Gideon was a “man of valor” according to the angel of the lord. He wasn’t just faith, he wasn’t called righteous or strong. He was called a man of valor.


Valor is great courage in the face of Danger. It’s the thing that makes some people charge forward while others cower in fear. Valor is the thing that may still feel fear but presses on regardless.


In the context of a country afraid to follow God because of the threats of false deities, a man of valor is exactly what was needed. Someone who would stand up, who would fight, who would not give into the fear. Someone like Gideon.


In a culture that’s constantly telling us to live by their values or be afraid; in a culture where Biblical ideas are often viewed as dated and met with hostility what we need is men and women of valor. We need people who see fear but continue pushing forward. We need people who will move towards God’s plan no matter what.


Are you a person of valor? Do you see fear and move forward knowing God has called you?


May 23, 2019