May 18, 2017

May 18, 2017

1 John 5:18-20


John touches on a very real truth that I think we often forget. This world, the one we’re born into, we live in, we work in, and we raise our families in, has been ruined by sin. It lies within “the power of the evil one.” It’s not how we were supposed to live, and it’s not where we will end up. In other words, this world is not my home.


Sure there are some great things. Family is great. Love is great. Sex is great. Sunsets are great. The world is full of such beauty that shows the greatness of God.


That isn’t all it is though. It is also an evil, broken, harsh, war-torn, stained version of what God intended us to live in. He created something so beautiful that even in sin’s influence we catch glimmers of what was supposed to be. However, the damage is done, and this broken world is not the place God has for us. We are sojourners in another land. We are citizens of a different kingdom. We are emissaries out in the world, with a redemptive cause.
John warns his readers that this place is not our home. We can enjoy some of its pleasure while we’re here, but our ultimate place is with God. We can’t become blinded by the trivial here and now. We can’t lose sight of eternity for the fleeting passions of here and now. We’ve been given a new “understanding”, as John calls it. An understanding that springs from a love so rich and so great from God. An understanding that after having received such love and grace from God we cannot turn away each other, but most love each other. An understanding that in light of an eternity with Jesus, the word, the one from the beginning, this world has nothing for me.

May 17, 2017