May 16,2019

May 16,2019

Judges 3:31

Shamgar is a random entry in the book of judges but he is a judge nonetheless.


His name is derived from the Hurrian language, not Hebrew. More than likely, he was a Cabaabute that also struggles against the Philistine raids and dictatorship. We don’t know much about Shamgar, but we know he was a beast with a spear. The “oxgoad” was a tool used help rear in and herd oxen and so he knew the herd life well. This random guy was able to kill 600 Philistines that attacked and came for his land all by himself. He helped protect God’s people and he wasn’t even a part of it.


The biggest point I can see is that God can use anyone to help protect his people, and he often does. He uses natural elements, he uses kings and rulers, and he uses random Canaanite herdsmen. He will put things in your life that you may not understand, but are ultimately to protect you.


Maybe you do hate your job, but it keeps food on the table. Maybe you don’t like the government, but imagine a world without it. Sure, your boss might be a jerk, but maybe there is something you can learn from this. God uses the most obscure and unexpected things to do the greatest works in our life. Trust him where he’s got you. Trust his leading. Trust that he can use your “Canaanites herdsman” to handle your Philistines.

May 15, 2019