May 15, 2019

May 15, 2019

Judges 3:15-30


God used the unexpected. Ehud was a left handed person. In his day and age it was a bad thing to be left handed. It was looked down upon. You were considered unacceptable by many. However, God still saw the beauty if Ehud’s differences. What made him an outcast made him exactly the right person for God’s plan.


Sometimes it can feel like things disqualify us. Maybe you feel too shy. Maybe you’re too worried about what others think. Maybe you’re carrying around a checkered past. God can use you. God wants to use you. In the craziest way, not only will God use you, but he somehow takes the things we find to be weaknesses and shows his own strength through them.


Trust God to be at work in and through you.


May 14, 2019