May 15, 2018

May 15, 2018


One of the most unspoken parts of passionately following Jesus and trying our hardest to follow him is reasonableness. We stop being irrational. We stop being volatile, closed-minded and shut down to ideas. To the contrary, we’re more reasonable than ever.


Too many Christians pick fights over stupid stuff. We just do. We’re known for getting overly attached and falling on our swords for every last thing. We’re really known for being unreasonable. Yet, what we see as one of the gains from truly trying to follow Jesus faithfully is that instead of getting more stubborn and more stuck in our ways, we should grow more reasonable. We should be more open to talking about change, about new ideas, and about finding resolution.


Churches split over the dumbest things. People leave churches for even dumber reasons. Have we become more reasonable because of our relationship with Christ? Have we become more understanding and do we come across as reasonable? Or are we too so insecure in our beliefs and our truth that we must fight over every single thing?


Faithfully following Jesus gives confidence. It gives you a security in your faith and beliefs so that you can be reasonable to those around you who may have different ideas.


May 14, 2018