March 9, 2018

March 9, 2018

In the first chapter of 2 Samuel, David still isn’t the king. However, Saul takes his army to deal with another uprising and attack from Philistines. In this battle the army of Israel is over run and before Saul can  be captured he has one of the men kill him. The man who killed Saul, at his own request, runs back to the city to let the people know and he comes across David. He tells David the news that both Jonathan and Saul have been killed.

David could have been happy here. His oppressor was gone. The man who had him hiding in the wilderness had left. The jealous, terrible man was now gone and David could reign freely. And yet what we see is something entirely different. David and his men fast and mourn the entire day. The rip their clothes which was a sign of severe mourning and they all fast because of the news. They were hurting because Israelites has died. They were sad because this is how it ended.

I think David always held out hope for Saul. I think he hoped one day that Saul would repent and the two could maybe even work together. He didn’t have hatred for Saul, he respected his position. He didn’t want Saul dead, he mourned and wept when he heard Saul had died. He had compassion on Saul right up to the end of his life.

Are you a compassionate person? Do you see those around you, even those who have hurt you, and show empathy for their struggle? Do you pray for those who have hurt you? David was not a perfect man, we’ll see some of that in the weeks to come. David did, however, have a compassionate heart. Do you?

Who is your enemy? Do you want to see them brought to justice?