March 6, 2018

March 6, 2018

Of all the crazy things that could have happened between David and Saul after all the drama we discussed Monday, David and Saul’s Daughter Michal endup falling in love with each other. Saul hears about it, and decides to use it against David. He tells David that he came only marry Michal if he kills an unthinkable number of Philistines in battle.

Let’s not talk right now about the terrible parenting we see here and just look at David and Michal. They loved each other. David wanted to marry her and be with her. So he made it happen. Not only did he do what Saul asked, he went above and beyond. He killed even more men than Saul requested to show how much effort Michal was worth.

What will you do for love? How far would you go? In a culture that dumps marriage like it’s an expired loaf of bread, what’s the limit to your love? Would you fight for your love? Would you go to war for your love? Would you keep making the effort for love?

Real love, the kind of love fueled by the grace and restoration of God, will always do whatever it takes to make it.

The Pursuit