March 5, 2018

March 5, 2018

David and Jonathan had a strong friendship. In the beginning of chapter 18 we see that Jonathan gives David his armor and coat and loves David with a great love. The story of these two friends should be inspiring to us in the way that we love our friends.

Do you think you’re a Jonathan kind of friend? Do you support, encourage, and care for the friends you have in your life? Jonathan cared for David and this came out in all areas of his life. Friendship was not a one sided, what do I get kind of thing. Jonathan, their heir to the kingdom, loved David in spite of God’s decision to make David King. Because at the end of the day, Jonathan cared for his friend more than his position.

When it comes to your friendships, is there something that takes a more important role? Do friends get left in the dust for work? Do they get overlooked for hobbies or alone time? Do you give what you can to someone else’s life like Jonathan did?

We all need a friend like Jonathan. We should all strive to be friends like Jonathan.

March 2, 2018