March 30, 2017

March 30, 2017

In Sharing a Meal (conversation)

There is something cool about sharing a meal with someone. Sometimes it’s going out to eat, other times it’s all about sitting around a table sharing a bowl of chips and salsa. There is something truly deep about sharing a meal.


One thing I love about the early church is the comment they “broke bread together.” In some places, this can refer to communion but in most of them it was a bunch of people eating and just being together. Talking about the day, about their future, about work, and life.


We’ve lost that somewhere. In text messages, skype meetings, and phone calls we’ve missed the value of sitting across from another person and truly being with them. Phones away, distractions gone, and real conversation will truly help you make an impact in someone’s life and maybe even have them impact yours.


Who do you make time to sit down with? Who do you intentionally share a meal with? We often leave relationships and investing to chance and hope it will just happen. We neglect what the early church did so eagerly and so often. They came together daily and didn’t preach sermons or do small group questions or memorize scripture but first thing first they met daily and broke bread together.


Think it’s crazy? Accept the challenge. Find 2 people you care about, and see how much better your relationship is if the two of you intentionally decide to sit down every month. See what God does to leave a lasting impact on both of you.