March 28, 2018

March 28, 2018

So, it’s just about numbers?

In a way, yes. And hear me out before you throw your screen and call someone to report heresy. It’s about numbers. It’s about each individual number. It’s about the life each number represents. It’s about the new beginning each number represents. It’s about the changed stories each number stands for. It’s about the numbers because the numbers are the people we love, care, and pray for fervently.

Here is what it’s not about…… making empty converts. It’s not about getting a tally. It’s not about packing a room. It’s not about bragging how many people showed up. It’s not about outdoing previous years. It’s not about those numbers.

It is about a single mom who finds people who love and care for her and her kids. It is about an addict finding a place that will walk through their struggles with them. It is about a family looking for something missing, wandering in and seeing a community willing to embrace them. It’s about those numbers. It’s about the number of opportunities that God gives each and every one of us. It’s about us doing the very thing that God called the church to do. He didn’t say go make converts. But he did say maybe disciples, who make disciples, who would then make disciples. People following Jesus, helping others do the same.

Who are you bringing? Who are you helping disciple? How are you being discipled?