March 27, 2019

March 27, 2019

Why is this uncomfortable?

Sometimes sharing your faith can be uncomfortable. Well intended pastors have made us feel guilty about this, saying it’s because we’re ashamed of Jesus, but is that really true?

Telling someone about our faith, inviting them to experience something we value so much, is a scary thing. It leaves us vulnerable. It opens the door to another part of our lives in hopes that someone else will see, and at the very least, not disown us because of it. It’s an uncomfortable thing, not because we’re ashamed, but because it leaves us both in a very vulnerable situation. How will they respond? How should you respond? What’s going to happen after this? Bringing someone closer in this way can very easily cause a strain on a relationship with someone you hopefully love and care about.

This isn’t an excuse to not share our faith. This isn’t the reason why we stop bringing people closer or do it less. Instead, this should be an encouragement to us. It should encourage us that we should be investing in people, loving people, encouraging people, and doing everything we can to invest. Then when God nudges us to bring we know this person will see our heart. We know that they’ll trust we care about them. Our invitation to come closer, attend a service,  or pray with them will be seen through love.

Who are you investing in? Are you laying the foundation with people so that you can take a vulnerable step in confidence?