March 26, 2018

March 26, 2018

In this week we’ll be looking at one of our anchors, as we discussed on Sunday morning – bringing. So over the next five days, we’ll look at what bringing really is and why we think it is so important.


What is bringing?

I used to attend a church that would go every Wednesday night on “visiting” and “door to door” trips. These people loved Jesus, wanted others to know about him, and so they put a great deal of effort and time into getting in front of people. This is where my mind initially goes when I hear bringing because it’s what I’d always seen. It’s not what we mean though.

Bringing starts way before an invitation to a church. Bringing is about bringing people to Origins, sure, but it starts with bringing someone into your life. It starts by welcoming them a little closer to you and letting the grace, love, and light that God is pouring into you overflow onto them. Bringing is about bringing people closer to Jesus. Sometimes it’s an invite to Sunday morning. Sometimes it’s a kind word. Sometimes it’s an unexpected gift. It’s always about helping someone else see a little bit of Jesus in you and bringing them closer to him.

Who are you bringing? Easter is this Sunday, who are you praying for? Who in your life has God placed there so that you can be used in bringing them closer to Him?